Hello and welcome to my first blog post!  Nothing fancy to see here yet, I’m a newbie.  In reality, I just didn’t want to continue to leave this page blank 🙂  

 I thought I’d talk about something that’s been on my mind for myself which is how important it is to do things that we love, that are fun and give us joy. Things that speak to our hearts, that bring our Spirits alive, those things that we can do for hours and feel like just a few moments of time went by.  You know…those things!  We all have them.  Maybe you have several different things like myself, or perhaps it’s just one.  Don’t worry, you’ll probably discover even more things that you love as new experiences enter your life.  Like me for instance.  I recently went to my first drumming circle and I LOVED it!!  What is it?  A bunch of people sit in a circle and bang on a drum or any other type of music maker like tambourines, shakers, rattles, etc.  If you’ve never been to one you’ll wonder why.  I know I did! It turns out that drumming circles, coming together in community and holding space for each other is a very healing experience.   It’s been used for centuries in the Native American cultures and Shamanic Healing practices. For me it was amazing to hear and feel the beat of all the drums, in unison like one beating heart.  It just felt good!  I loved it so much that I went out and purchased my own drum with the hopes that I can attend another one soon.  In the meantime, I bang on my drum anytime I can, feeling it resonate within my heart.  “I just want to bang on the drum all day” – Todd Rundgren